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Running Drupal's PHP Unit tests with Headless Chrome Image and ddev

Submitted by daniel on

In a previous article I have looked at running Drupal's Nightwatch and PHPUnit Tests using Drupal's Quickstart development environment. Today, I will look at how to run all the the PHP Unit Tests using a headless version of chrome.

Setting up Headless Chrome Image

Within your project root within the .ddev folder create a new YAML file and call it docker-compose.chromedriver.yaml

Correct Settings for running Drupal with Plesk and nginx

Submitted by daniel on

I recently realised that I was getting some strange behaviour when running Drupal X on Plesk Obsidian, when set to use PHP is run by and FPM application served with with nginx, such as the index.php showing on links and navigation items. Turns out I needed to add some additional configuration to get this working correctly.

This is a wip but hopefully provides some reference for my self and other who want to configure Drupal correctly when hosting on a Plesk server.

Getting started with Remote Images in Drupal

Submitted by daniel on

In a previous article I touched on the oEmbed standard and a little about the use of remote media including remote images.

Of course embedding images into to page whether hosted remotely or locally is not a new thing. Embedding remote images from the Drupal UI is not supported out of the box. Of course you can manually edit the html using your wysiwyg editor, but that is not very user friendly and is not a great user experience. Furthermore doing so increases that the risk your markup may be malformed etc

Support for oEmbed opens up wealth of opportunities for embedded content

Submitted by daniel on

Drupal 8.6.0 has an out-of-box adds support for embedding remote YouTube and Vimeo videos by means of the oEmbed format. You may notice these are often encapsulated in an iframe. You can see this evident in a new media type being defined called 'Remote Video' available form /admin/structure/media. A new icon is also available form your wysiwyg that allows you to embed the new format in your page or block.

Updating Drupal 8 Minor Version

Submitted by daniel on

With the latest release from Drupal also including the latest security fixes, it was time to update again. One issue that experienced Drupal Developers are probably quite used to by now are the continual stream of security advisories that need to be addressed, especially if you are managing a site that also includes peoples data. This means regularly maintaining your site to ensure it is kept up to date and secure.