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Search API Views Ajax

Submitted by daniel on

Search API Views Ajax faciliates updating a search view asynchronously when using an AJAX enabled view with the Search API module.


In particular it:

  • Enables updating the query string on a view when using an exposed full text search field. e.g. /projects?search=drupal
  • Adds a popstate event listener to the DOM to facilitate updating the async enabled view asynchronously when navigating when using the web browser's back
  • button.

This module is useful as it allows users to bookmark and share urls that are generated using a search api search index and view.

Additionally, Search API Views Ajax also updates the browser history asynchronously, allowing you to manually navigate back and forth in the browser. Loading the content currently requires a manual reload in the browser.

Other use cases

This modules primary use case is when using the contributed search_api with a solr generated index and view. However, this module should also work in other instances where an exposed `full text search field` is being used with an ajax enabled view.

Date Created
9 months ago