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CSS Reset Module for Drupal

I have been using Drupal since 2009 and one of things that is impressive is how modular it is. The core Drupal build is very extensible and there are literally 100's of thousand's of contributed modules out there, many of them regularly updated and maintained by the very active open source Drupal community.

So it has taken me a while to come up with an idea for a Drupal module that no one else seems to have addressed, the idea of a 'CSS reset'.

Front End Development

I specialise in and have extensive  experience taking websites from visualisation and concept stage to W3C standard compliant HTML, XHTML and CSS that is also cross browser compatible and also offers support for legacy browsers.

Since 2009 I have worked extensively with various php based Content Management Systems, especially Drupal  6 and 7, both of which I am quite experienced with now.