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Bootstrap SASS Starter Kit

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Bootstrap SASS Starter Kit provides a turnkey solution to help you quickly create your own custom Drupal theme that utilises the popular Twitter Bootstrap Framework. 


- Provides a simple solution for creating a custom theme.
- Based on the popular Bootstrap framework and SASS (no need to reinvent the wheel).
- Support for Bootswatch themes and colour modes managed with media queries (light/dark).
- Support out of the box for previewing all your components when installing
the style_guide (admin) module.
- CSS and JS is now pre-compiled to help get you started in less than 5 minutes.

Bootstrap SASS Starter Kit

Why another Drupal theme? 

Unlike other popular Drupal themes whose primary purpose is that it can be used a a base theme to facilitate creating your own custom theme, the idea here is that you use this starter kit to create your own bootstrap 5 based theme. This means that all your dependencies are self contained in your custom theme. This removes the headache of having to worry about constantly overriding your base theme while also providing some sensible defaults that work with the bootstrap system. This also allows you to use and compile one of the pre built and tested Bootswatch themes that also provide some guidelines on how to create your own custom theme.

Bootstrap SASS Starter Kit - Dark Mode Media Query
Bootstrap SASS Starter Kit - Responsive
Bootstrap SASS Starter Kit
Bootstrap SASS Starter Kit - Bootswatch theme
Bootstrap SASS Starter Kit - Stye Guide (admin) support


- Working version of node.js (v16) and npm (nvm recommended e.g. `nvm use 16`).
- gulp 5


This 'starter-kit' can be installed like any other theme.

To install gulp npm install --global gulp-cli


Get started with building your own custom theme in less than 5 minutes.


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