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Correct Settings for running Drupal with Plesk and nginx

Submitted by daniel on

I recently realised that I was getting some strange behaviour when running Drupal X on Plesk Obsidian, when set to use PHP is run by and FPM application served with with nginx, such as the index.php showing on links and navigation items. Turns out I needed to add some additional configuration to get this working correctly.

This is a wip but hopefully provides some reference for my self and other who want to configure Drupal correctly when hosting on a Plesk server.

A skeleton for setting up your node js project

Submitted by daniel on

There are many reasons that you might want to run your application on node js as opposed to php. One reason that stands out for me is that node js has a built in server, making it much lighter than say php that typically served on top of either Apache or Nginx 'web servers'. This typically makes such applications very heavy on memory usage, with each thread maybe consuming around 128MB for a standard Drupal site.

Updating MySQL on Centos 7

Submitted by daniel on

With the launch of Drupal 9, one of the requirements is for MySQL 5.7 or later.

  • If using Drupal 9 with MySQL or Percona, version 5.7.8+ is required.
  • If using Drupal 9 with MariaDB, version 10.3.7+ is required.

What I discovered is the the version of MySQL that ships by default with Centos is constrained to 5.5*. To find my current version of MySQL: 

Grey Listing Amazon Simple Email Service

Submitted by daniel on

I have experienced issues either directly or indirectly with organisations that use Amazon's Simple Email Service.

After some investigation my plesk based mail server uses grey listing to cut down on spam emails. One consequence of this is if it does not recognise the mail server it will grey list it, essentially delaying the delivery of the said email. Eventually it will deliver it but chances are any token attached will have long expired.

Running PHP using FastCGI

Submitted by daniel on

As I have a few moments I thought I would share some of my experiences of running PHP as a Fast CGI script as oppossed to an Apache module. Some of you might be wondering why would I want to do that? Well....