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Prevent Drupal Scaffolding overriding development services when working with Drupal

Submitted by daniel on

When working on Drupal it is often useful to change your local to enable certain development features and make debugging your application easier.

e.g. This is basically taken from file with certain parameters changed to provide a more friendly development environment, depending on what you are working on. This can be adjusted to suit but hopefully will give you an idea. Notice how this gives us the ability to override various parameters and services to suit.

Using Composer to manage your JS Dependencies

Submitted by daniel on
For a while now PHP Developers have used Composer, a PHP Dependency Manager, to manage their app dependencies. Certainly in the Drupal community, Developers have been using composer since Drupal 8 was released back in June 2013.

Adding an external repo to your composer.json

Submitted by daniel on

Sometimes it may be useful to specify a patched branch of a particular project. I recently came across an issue where it was not possible to patch a module, but I was able to create an issue branch  and  pull request. Pending approval and review I was still able to reference this branch in my composer file, This was useful in this case as this particular dependency broke the composer pipeline, install update etc. Here I show you how this can be done.

1. Add Your repo

Updating Drupal 8 Minor Version

Submitted by daniel on

With the latest release from Drupal also including the latest security fixes, it was time to update again. One issue that experienced Drupal Developers are probably quite used to by now are the continual stream of security advisories that need to be addressed, especially if you are managing a site that also includes peoples data. This means regularly maintaining your site to ensure it is kept up to date and secure.