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Getting started with ddev and Apache SolrCloud Service Add-on

Submitted by daniel on
I was recently using Drupal's contributed Search API module along with a database back end, but was starting to find that with nearly 100k articles, the existing database based index seemed to be struggling and would result in some queries timing out. For this reason I decided I wanted to evaluate Apache Solr, a separate Java based application that helps to offload the responsibilities of indexing and returning search queries from your Drupal based application. Initially, I struggled to set up solr locally using the Docker4Drupal wodby camp so after some time decided to also evaluate ddev and a contributed ddev Apache Solr Service add-on as was recommended by the drupal search_api maintainers themselves.

Running PHP using FastCGI

Submitted by daniel on

As I have a few moments I thought I would share some of my experiences of running PHP as a Fast CGI script as oppossed to an Apache module. Some of you might be wondering why would I want to do that? Well....