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Getting started with Drupal 10 and Docker

Submitted by daniel on

Let's have a quick look at how to set up a fresh Drupal 10 site using the Wodby Docker4Drupal boilerplate and the drupal-core-recommended install profile from Drupal's own drupal/recommended-project.

House Keeping with Docker Desktop

Submitted by daniel on

For a while now I have been struggling with space on my Mac fitted with a 500GB SSD drive. Looking at my resources I can see over 200GB is allocated to System Data. Digging a little deeper into this I can also see that a Docker Container accounts for 60GB of this space. 

Adding a self signed certificate to your docker development environment

Submitted by daniel on

These days some api's are restricted to access over Https. With Https being a standard requirement for most production sites these days, it is also worth enabling this on your development environment as well, to help you to check for any mixed content errors, and to test your apps with any apis that may insist on Https access.