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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Daniel Lobo. and I have predominantly worked in the field of Web Design and Development since 1999 in both a contract and freelance capacity. In that time I have gained a wealth of experience working on many different projects.

If you would like a closer look of some examples of my work to date, please take the time to view my Online Portfolio. This can now be viewed by everyone that has Javascript enabled on their browser (approximately 90 - 95% of internet users) without the need to install a separate plugin.

In between jobs and contracts I have worked on a variety of my own projects that complement or enhance my skills base as a web developer. This includes:

  1. LoboWeb - Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting and Email solutions for SME's
  2. MeanLife Media and Publications - Online publishing systems

To date I have worked on a variety of projects and have gained experience working across the full life cycle of either a new or second hand website project. For more information about my experience to date please see the About Me page. For more info about my personal projects please visit my Personal Projects Page. If you are interested in in My Services as a freelancer you can also view more about my specific skills and experience broken down into these key areas: 

  1. Consultation
  2. Project Management
  3. Graphic Design and Typography
  4. Front End Development
  5. Back End Development

Last but not least I have also listed my location and contact details.