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Touching on :hover states

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For years now web designers and developers have been utilising the :hover pseudo class to add life to their website or project. This is quite a common convention and is tradionally used to give hyperlinks diffferent states, but is not restricted to use just on hyperlinks (apart from say older browsers) .

The :hover selector is used to select elements when you mouse over them.

Tip: The :hover selector can be used on all elements, not only on links.


Submitted by daniel on

Front End Development to help launch perl based Open Asset 7.

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Submitted by daniel on

BT Friends and Family - Adam and Jane Campaign - Is she or isn't she?

bt adam and jane campaign

Use of MediaFont's Open Standard Media Player to incorporate You Tube content into site.

Modal Form with input validation - use of Drupal contributed modules including Web Form and CCK.

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